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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Various Updates - HHSE - As of Dec. 1

Greetings HHSE Friends & Followers - Here's a super brief recap of some relevant items and issues as requested by shareholders:

1).   WALMART PRODUCTS - At present, we have six (6) items into Walmart stores in the USA and four (4) items into Walmart Canada.  As of January, we will have three (3) new releases added to this mix (LOST IN THE PACIFIC, PALI ROAD and DINOSAURS OF THE JURASSIC), although we cannot predict how many (if any) of the current titles in the stores will be held-over for January.  There are three additional items that will also be added to the February "modulars" (which is the in-line shelving, organized by genre and alphabetically), which is a separate placement from New Release shelving or New Release end-caps.

2).  STOCK BUY BACKS - HHSE has made direct purchase agreements with three, non-affiliated shareholders, to purchase 1.2-million shares at $.01 each.  These shares will be retired into treasury stock.  As long as the share price remains artificially low, we will continue to buy shares and retire them to treasury, as cash permits.  The Company had to delay the process of buying back shares due to the loss of cash flow from the bankruptcy of Alchemy / Anderson, and the non-bankruptcy cram-down of Allegro Music Group.  While the financial woes of those two wholesalers did impact cash flowing into HHSE, it was most notable for optional issues, such as stock buy-back opportunities, as the Company has otherwise managed it's operations and payables through other cash flow means.  It is also notable that HHSE has not issued a single share of stock in over a year (for any purpose), and that the two principal managers (Parkinson and Shefte) have not sold any shares in three years.  As a non-reporting entity, HHSE is not required to file a Form 8 regarding the stock buy-back... but we will disclose this in our upcoming year-end filings and the Form 10 registration.

3).  LEGAL UPDATES - HHSE attorneys continue to work with the TCA Attorneys to finalize the settlement terms.  As a procedural matter, the October 20 hearing was rescheduled, with the expectation that a formalized settlement will be filed well before the court's next available hearing date.  With respect to JSJ - a settlement based on the actual value of the notes plus the maximum allowable interest is being completed and will be filed with the appropriate courts.  Regarding the "D.C. Photographer's Case" - the court has extended until Dec. 15 the opportunity for HHSE to file a motion for dismissal of the matter, which is being accompanied with a payment of $1,000 for the work-for-hire services rendered.

4).  CORPORATE MOVE - The old warehouse location only holds pallets and racks at this point, and will be fully vacated by next week.  The new executive offices are fantastic and extremely conducive for productivity and efficiency.  While all the boxes and files are moved into the new offices as of today, there's still a week or two of "unpacking and filing / sorting" before we can declare the new space 100% functional.  We will shoot some photos and post to the blog late next week.

Much more to come...  it's been a long journey, with many bumps in the road... but it's looking like a smooth cruise-control ride at this point!

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Standard Registrar

At the request of a variety of shareholders, we can confirm that there is NO stock issuance activity whatsoever to create additional shares or dilution in HHSE. The company has NOT issued any new shares, the company has NO PLANS to issue new shares, and NO previously "restricted" shares have "come off" restriction.  The stock structure has not changed in over a year.


Re: TA Thu, Nov 17, 2016 11:52 am
FromAmy Merrill amy@standardregistrar.comhide details
ToEric Parkinson hannoverhouse@aol.com


We have not had any recent transactions that would change the float.

Thank you,
Amy Merrill
November 21, 2016
We will be in our new office 
440 East 400 South – Suite 200
Salt Lake City, UT  84111

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Ongoing Industry Coverage of HHSE ventures.

From today's AFM Screen Daily;


In other news - Move into executive office suites is 80% complete; Walmart sales on five current DVD titles is going well (two are already into "re-order" Mode);  set and character designs on MOTHER GOOSE is on schedule (and look amazing!); much more to follow.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The day before the big move!

Good morning HHSE Friends & Followers - As disclosed previously, Hannover House is moving our executive offices to 300 N. College in Fayetteville.  We have taken approximately half of the top floor penthouse level, adjacent to Butler Broadcasting Center (top rated local radio station operators), and have terrific views of Fayetteville, the University and the Dickson St. Entertainment corridor, visible from both Fred Shefte's and Eric Parkinson's offices. The painting is complete, and the carpet cleaners are busy at work. The big furniture move is tomorrow, and the porting of the telephone lines is Thursday.

Parkinson and Shefte both wish they could say "we'll miss the Springdale warehouse offices," but as public company officers, we are required to be truthful at all times, even in polite circumstances. Frankly, the invasion of 19 raccoons 2-years ago, left a lingering "tang" to the warehouse air - and these old offices were never nice enough to invite VIP guests, program suppliers, celebrities, or even Parkinson's brother, former Kansas Governor Mark Parkinson.

When the opportunity to relocate the warehousing was presented, this opened up the chance to have top quality executive offices, no raccoons, and a far better location. Change can be very good.  Onward, HHSE!

Selected Photos of some of the new offices:

HHSE Offices, Top Floor, Western Facing Windows

Front Entrance & Reception Office

Accounting Office

View from Executive Suite # 1

Executive Suite # 1

Technical Services Office

Executive Suite # 2

Hallway (will be lined with shelves)

Restrooms / Kitchen Facilities

Monday, October 31, 2016

HH Files Disciplinary Action against "Amityville" attorney

Dear HHSE Friends & Followers - licensed attorneys are considered "officers of the court" and are required to uphold to a code of conduct and ethics.  In two recent instances, attorney Austin Easley (counsel for Amityville Asylum) has violated these foundational principles. Accordingly, Hannover House has contacted the Deputy Director of the Arkansas Judiciary, Office of Professional Conduct and registered a formal complaint.

In the most recent instance, Mr. Easley included false statements in a court filing - saying that Hannover House had "threatened" bankruptcy, and that this was the motivating factor to them pursuing a civil lawsuit. This is an untrue statement with malicious intent, as Hannover House has never threatened bankruptcy, and has in fact demonstrated that such an action is not only unnecessary but functionally impossible to impose due to the structure of how assets are secured. It would appear that the intent of making such a blatantly untrue statement in a court filing was planned by Mr. Easley to gain unfair advantage in the civil suit and to sabotage shareholder enthusiasm in Hannover House.

The amount due to Amityville Asylum is less than $18,000 - and we had begun making monthly installments prior to their filing of a lawsuit.  If Hannover House were able to pay full pay off nearly $400,000 each to TCA and to Fantastic Films without filing "bankruptcy," then the amount due to Amityville by comparison is insignificant... and the claim made by Mr. Easley is absurd and laughable.  Amityville's royalties would have been FULLY PAID off months ago had they not filed a lawsuit, which acted to stop our monthly installments. In our opinion, this is a nuisance lawsuit, that seems to be benefiting ONLY Mr. Easley's billings.

We will inform our shareholders of how the Office of Professional Conduct elects to deal with these false statements made by Easley.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

LOST IN THE PACIFIC - Huge DVD & BluRay Title for February

Dear HHSE Friends & Followers - The $20-mm action adventure "LOST IN THE PACIFIC" (starring Brandon Routh of "Superman Returns"), will be available Feb. 7, 2017 at Walmart, Best Buy, Target and Redbox - among other retailers - and is on track to be the largest initial shipment video release for Hannover House / Medallion in the past five years.  It's a terrific action thriller, with a hint of Science-Fiction (ala "L.O.S.T."), outstanding production values and a highly talented international cast!  DVD and BluRay are tracking neck-and-neck in pre-order commitments!

Check out the powerful KEY ART campaign that HHSE / Medallion created for this film!


DC Photog Case

Dear HHSE Friends & Followers - The HHSE Motion to set aside the DC Photographers case was denied, which was expected. However, we now have three avenues of relief.  First, our attorneys will file to describe the amount due and the inappropriateness of the photographer's actions to file a copyright registration without authority and two+ months after the HHSE first use copyright.  If that does not prevail, HHSE has a counter action to pursue (for the same basis of unauthorized copyright filing); and lastly, if necessary, under Arkansas Sister State judgment enforcement laws, the entire case can be re-opened and adjudicated here if the plaintiff ever tries to actually enforce the judgment.  Meanwhile, we have tendered the payment and an additional stipend for legal fees, and our counsel feels that HHSE has multiple precedents of law on our side.